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Mantua Literature Festival 2023

The Unipol Gruppo is still a sponsor of the 2023 Literature Festival held in Mantua from 6 to 10 September.

The Literature Festival, now in its twenty-seventh edition, is the first international literature festival born in Italy 27 years ago. The great success with the public, the following in the press and from 2022 also on TiKToK, testify how the event continues to confirm itself as one of the main moments of the Italian cultural scene.

Within the Festival Unipol Gruppo is the sole partner of the meeting, scheduled for Saturday 9 September, “Comedian? Critic? Coe!” with Jonathan Coe, interviewed by Peter Florence. Coe returns to the Festival narrating the contradictions of his native land, that England of which he is always able to paint an irreverent, ironic and bittersweet fresco. In his work Bournville retraces seventy-five years of the country's history, starting from the Second World War, passing through Brexit, the events of the royal house and arriving up to the pandemic period. Coe will take audiences on a journey across the UK.

The authors will speak in English, with consecutive interpretation in Italian.

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