Briantea84 wheelchair Basketball

The UnipolSai Assicurazioni supports basketball with the Briantea84 Sports Association, which has been dedicated to the development of sports for the disabled for many years.

With this sponsorship UnipolSai Assicurazioni wishes to reiterate its support for Briantea84 in a major challenge: eliminating the architectural and ideological barriers against people with disabilities and promoting, in addition to fun and sportsmanship, comparison with other groups to encourage real integration.

The UnipolSai Assicurazioni brand is featured on the uniforms of athletes belonging to the basketball, wheelchair basketball and mini-basketball and BIOS disabled teams, and is displayed on the association website and communication materials prepared for the many initiatives organised by Briantea84 for the sports and human growth of its athletes, as well as for the social and cultural enrichment of the community and society. 




L’UnipolSai Briantea84 è Campione d’Italia!

UnipolSai Briantea84 wins the italian championship!

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