Festival Letteratura

Mantua Literature Festival 2019

From 4 to 8 September, Mantua will be hosting the 23rd edition of its Literature Festival.

The programme for the event - one of the biggest and most eagerly-awaited cultural gatherings in Italy - includes hundreds of internationally-renowned guests who will offer their thoughts on the present and reflections on the future.

The Festival is attended by novelists and poets, reporters and essayists, artists and scientists, a broad and intriguing cross-section of the literary world that embraces all countries and the most diverse of styles.

Unipol is once again one of this year’s Festival partners, supporting the meeting entitled “The golden age of exhibitions” with Anna Ottani Cavina at Teatro Bibiena on Thursday 4 September at 5.30 p.m.

Anna Ottani Cavina is emeritus professor of History of Modern Art at the University of Bologna, a curator of exhibitions for prestigious museums all over the world and an author of essays and studies on art history. At the Festival, she will be reflecting on the importance of the art exhibitions of the past in redefining our perceptions and ways of looking at art: while it is true that “sometimes artists shaped our landscape, extracting sequences from their own DNA that have become part of our identity”, it is equally fair to say that the great international exhibitions have contributed to “revolutionising our map and our knowledge of the world of art”, often becoming a guide for enthusiasts and enabling them to study artists from new perspectives and to distance themselves from the canons of the art history that has already been written with all the joy that comes with making new discoveries.

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