Scientific Research and Social Utility

Welfare, medical and scientific research, gender equality, solidarity and subsidiarity are all aspects of our active commitment and projects for the constant improvement of the sustainability of future generations.

For the Unipol Group, looking towards the future in particular means focusing on new generations, and supporting projects related to welfare, medical and scientific research, gender equality, solidarity and subsidiarity. In light of this, through all Group companies we dedicate a part of our sponsorship projects to initiatives that concretely contribute to improving the sustainability of future generations. 


Food Collection
Pursuing a path of responsibility that sees the Group actively involved in the social sphere, UnipolSai has supported the Food Bank Foundation since 2006.
The partnership between UnipolSai and Antoniano is not only limited to financial support but also aims to promote an inclusive vision of society in which economic development goes hand in hand with social equality.
The Unipol Group is the main sponsor of the national competition Wing4Students, the only Italian edutainment event for students to learn English in a fun and innovative way.


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On 1, 2 and 4 October, UnipolSai Assicurazioni will be in 5,000 squares with young people for young people

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