Food Collection

21th National Food Collection Day 2017

UnipolSai Assicurazione renews its support for National Food Collection Day (Giornata Nazionale della Colletta Alimentare), which will take place on 25 November all over Italy.

Now in its 21st year, this Day is given over to collecting the long-life foods donated by people doing their shopping in around 13,000 supermarkets right across Italy.

Promoted by Fondazione Banco Alimentare (Italian Food Bank Foundation), this initiative is possible thanks to the efforts of 145,000 volunteers.

The food collected will be distributed to over 8000 charitable organisations (food canteens for the poor, communities for minors, basics banks, shelters etc.) which help over 1.5 million people in need in Italy, including almost 135,000 children of 5 and under. In fact, the aim of the collection is to supplement the work carried out by Banco Alimentare on a daily basis to combat food waste and redistribute it to those who most need it.