Festival dello Sport

UnipolSai premium partner for the 2022 Festival dello Sport

‘Moments of glory'. This is the theme of the fifth Festival dello Sport, scheduled to take place in Trento from 22 to 25 September, which will be presented in Sala Buzzati on 26 July. After the first two years of the event in-person, in 2018 and 2019, the third “digital” edition of 2020 during the year of the pandemic, which enabled us to explore new ways of holding the event, and the return to normality in 2021, this year marks the rebirth of the festival

It will be held a couple of weeks earlier than normal but its goal will remain the same: to promote the discussion and practice of sport, to provide a closer insight into the lives of sportsmen and women, bringing them into contact with fans in the rooms, in squares and around the world through live online events and social media.

The consolidated partnership between UnipolSai and Festival dello Sport is now in its fifth year and will see UnipolSai take on the role of Premium Partner.

Moments of glory, then. “They might not have been moments that resulted in a medal, perhaps just a strong placing, but in all cases we are talking about career-defining performances. There have been lots of moments of glory for Italian sport in the last few months but we also want to talk about international stars”.