Bellezza Italia - San Stino di Livenza

A station opened to its surroundings in San Stino di Livenza (VE).

Legambiente and the Unipol Group present the new initiative that will be completed as a part of Bellezza Italia, the project created to promote the recovery and restoration of degraded areas, to spread a culture of legality and rights, and to encourage synergies between citizens, companies and institutions in order to return compromised areas to the common good.

Has been inaugurated in Milan the Greenstation, an ancient station abandoned and degraded for a long time:  the station has been transformed into a central hub for the development of a slow tourism network, thanks to a new scheme from the Bellezza Italia project, Legambiente and the Unipol Group’s new joint campaign that will see the two organisations committing together to plan and carry out recovery and redevelopment measures in deteriorated areas of our country, restoring them for the good of the public.

The new renovation works are made possible thanks to the Unipol Group’s support. The station was entrusted to the Legambiente Eastern Veneto association, within the scope of the Green Station project under the national memorandum of understanding between Legambiente, RFI and Ferrovie Dello Stato, for the redevelopment of unstaffed stations.

A decisive boost for new mobility, tourism and business in Veneto, thanks to new cycling routes.

“Our idea is to start a new process of economic solidarity that takes into account the incredible importance of common goods,” stated Stefano Ciafani, General Manager of Legambiente. “Starting from abandoned Italian stations, an incredible heritage of this country and its local communities, we are launching an ecological view of life. We wish to contribute to the creation of a network of local social relations starting from these facilities that over the decades have been home to travel, hope and dreams of a better life”.

“With this project we combine two areas of action that over the years have characterised the commitment of the Group, and even more so of the Unipolis Foundation,” stated Maria Luisa Parmigiani, Sustainability Manager at the Unipol Group. “Sustainable mobility, promoting the use of bike transport, and the restoration of the country’s historical buildings, making the same accessible to all citizens. Bellezza Italia is special because it allows us to select, throughout the country, projects in line with out Sustainability Plan and our policies that are also strongly desired and promoted by Legambiente volunteers in synergy with local stakeholders. This enables us to support something that we believe will be sustainable over time.”