Main exhibitions


In 2015, the Corporate Sponsorship Program of the Unipol Group was enriched by a new and prestigious partnership in the Art world: in fact, from May to October 2015 the Unipol Group was main sponsor of Magnificent, an innovative multi-sensory journey through the history of the magnificent Renaissance told through the revival of masterpieces by Florentine artists. The digital and film exhibition featured the voice of Andrea Bocelli.

Magnificent was held in the precious Arms Room of Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the only part of the building that still preserves the original structure of the 1300s. Thanks to the custom-made exhibition and use of new media, visitors were led through a virtual history of the Florentine Renaissance, free to appreciate the great artists and works that formed the glory of Florence.

With this prestigious event, the Unipol Group wished to confirm its desire to participate in the cultural and artistic life of the Florentine capital, strengthening its link with the city that is home to one of its main offices following the merger with Fondiaria-SAI. At the same time, by supporting Magnificent, Unipol wanted to consolidate its commitment to the historical and cultural heritage of the country by making art accessible to the general public, in line with the social responsibility that has characterised its history for over fifty years.

Because a masterpiece is even greater if everyone has the chance to appreciate it.