“Bellezza Italia” in Succivo (Province of Caserta) to protect and promote one of the last historical and agricultural bastions of Campania Felix: Asprinio di Aversa DOC wine

Agriculture, biodiversity, innovation and legality are the keywords of the new “Dolce Asprinio” project by Legambiente and Unipol Group

The latest initiative of the “Bellezza Italia” campaign by Legambiente and Unipol Group was launched in the municipality of Succivo (Province of Caserta) on 3 July. The “Dolce Asprinio” project aims to clean up the Caserta-Aversa area of the pollution caused by organised crime, protecting and promoting one of the historical and agricultural cornerstones of the landscape of Campania Felix, Asprinio di Aversa DOC wine.

Based on the protection and promotion of the unique elements of “Dolce Asprinio” wine (also known as the “Spumante of the King”), such as its agricultural biodiversity – at risk due to the impact of climate change – and its particular “Alberata” cultivation method which reduces water and soil consumption compared with industrial models, the project aims to make the production of this wine a genuine model of civil regeneration consisting of expert know-how and technological and social innovation in farming with the emphasis on healthy enterprise - that is able to compete on the market and offer, in the long term, occupational development and virtuous methods of production, among the main antidotes to organised crime. 

With this project we are taking an active role in the area of biodiversity, focusing particularly on the farming sector where the risk is increasingly high. In fact, biodiversity is one of the most important emerging risks, as also identified by our Observatory, and the responsibility of businesses in this regard has been further underlined by the decisions taken at Cop15 in Montreal. Also in this area our partnership with Legambiente is an instrument for introducing and examining employment issues that subsequently become part of the business agenda”, comments Maria Luisa Parmigiani, Sustainability Manager of the Unipol Group.