Team Young Italy

Guess Who?

Some time has passed since Team Young Italy UnipolSai was formed and many things have changed: have our champions gotten to know each other?

“Guess Who?” is a game show tournament in which the athletes compete with an unusual weapon: knowledge of their teammates.

Vic from Radio Deejay will test Arianna Fontana (short track speed skating), Gregorio Paltrinieri (swimming), Paola Egonu (volleyball), Riccardo Bagaini (paralympic athletics), Alessia Maurelli (rhythmic gymnastics), Daniele Garozzo (fencing) and Simone Giannelli (volleyball).

“Guess Who?” is the second episode of the series “Always one step ahead – The Social Video Tale”, exclusively available online on the UnipolSai corporate social media channels and the Unipol Group Corporate Channel on YouTube.