Gardens by the sea

Legambiente and the Unipol Group launch a new project on the Sicilian island to promote its precious landscape and agricultural heritage


16 June 2020. Monitoring and carrying out a survey of the gardens of Pantelleria, created on the Sicilian island using the art of the dry stone wall in order to protect the plants from strong winds. Promoting these green spaces through itineraries and walks through the most significant “gardens”, but also providing useful information, via a handbook, so the gardens of Pantelleria can be replicated in similar environments.

This is the threefold goal of the new Gardens by the sea initiative that Legambiente, in collaboration with Ente Parco Nazionale Isola di Pantelleria (Pantelleria National Park Authority) and the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences of the University of Palermo, and the Unipol Group plan to launch as part of the Bellezza Italia project aimed at recovering and redeveloping areas of Italy of inestimable value and beauty and, in this case, promoting the precious landscape and agricultural heritage of Pantelleria. In fact, the Sicilian island is famous for its intelligent use of resources which, over the centuries, has enabled it to carefully develop a complex and structured agricultural system which has set the standard in terms of adapting to the climate in an area where water is scarce - a situation in which many areas of the Mediterranean will find themselves in the coming years.