MaseratiMulti70 - RORC Transatlantic Race

Giovanni Soldini and team have completed RORC Transatlantic Race dash in 7 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes and 23 seconds

At exactly 20h 54’ 23” GMT (16.54 local time) on Saturday, 3 December, Maserati Multi70 sailed across the finish-line of the third RORC Transatlantic Race, just off Port Louis Marina on Grenada, to complete her first ocean race in a time of 7 days, 8 hours, 44 minutes and 23 seconds.

Having cast off from Lanzarote at 12.10 GMT on November 26, Giovanni Soldini and the Maserati Multi70 team opted to skirt the island of La Palma to the north on their first night at sea. This choice impacted the rest of their race and allowed Phaedo3, which rounded the island to the south, to take what proved to be an unassailable lead.

Immediately after jumping ashore, Giovanni Soldini had this to say about the experience: «It was a fantastic race. We’re delighted to have arrived into Grenada with Maserati Multi70 in excellent shape.»

That said, the RORC Transatlantic Race was a positive experience for Maserati Multi70 overall, proving an excellent test-bench for her ocean flying capabilities as Soldini confirmed: «These 2,800 Atlantic miles have really taught the crew a lot about Maserati Multi70 as a boat as well as about her trim and the astonishing potential of her L-foils. But perhaps the most important thing we learned – and something that comes into our head every time we take the rudder and feel the boat accelerate as she comes down the waves – is how proud we are to be able to sail a super multihull like Maserati Multi70. Phaedo3 delivered a perfect race – she didn’t put a foot wrong. We could have done better but we still have the joy of a fantastic experience on a very special boat.
There are so many technical considerations to think about but the main thing is to use this important ocean voyage to prepare ourselves as well as possible for the next challenge».

Giovanni Soldini was flanked aboard Maserati Multi70 in the RORC Transatlantic Race by a team comprising Guido Broggi, Jean-Baptiste Vaillant, Carlos Hernandez, Oliver Herrera, François Robert and Francesco Malingri.

The American trimaran Phaedo3 crossed the finish-line at 01.49 GMT of 3 December, to take line honours in the multihull (MOCRA) class, having led the 14-strong fleet for all 2,865 nautical miles of the race.

To watch Maserati Multi70’s regatta: