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Listening to beauty with UnipolSai

"Listening to beauty with UnipolSai" is the service offered by UnipolSai Assicurazioni and created in collaboration with the Rimini Meeting, which will give thousands of visitors the chance to listen to and fully enjoy the beauty of the exhibitions of the 2015 edition.

Within the context of our official partnership with the Meeting, we are the special partner of the exhibition area with an initiative that allows extensive and quality access to exhibition routes thanks to: 

  • disposable earphones available for 50,000 tours allocated by reservation (each guided tour refers to a single person);
  • audio guides for all exhibitions in digital format available for direct download on personal devices from the website of the Meeting.

The communication of beauty has always been a central focus of the Rimini Meeting and for UnipolSai thinking of people's future also means thinking of what they love: culture and the chance to meet.