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The web series “Così vicino - Team Young Italy UnipolSai” available online on Youtube

From 18 November 2015, with fortnightly events (excluding the Christmas break) until the end of January, each episode of “Così vicino - Team Young Italy UnipolSai” is dedicated to a theme around which the professional and personal stories of these young champions will develop.

A true story telling journey, narrated through their direct accounts and the comments of their coaches, parents and other significant people, in some cases on camera for the very first time. The sports sphere will naturally blend with more intimate emotions, touching on “private” matters such as study, faith, love, family, friendship and commitment. Important reflections will thus emerge on what it means to be champions and the children of champions, on staying close to home and then moving away, on being judged without judging, on the importance of knowing oneself and feeling comfortable with others, on how it feels to lose someone important and finally, on the emotions of the first competition and the first victory.

A great and exciting narrative, on the one hand collective, but also deeply personal on the other, which winds through short and intense stories, all linked to each other by the theme of closeness – Così vicino, So Close – divided into 5 areas: So close to you, So close to home, So close to the goal, So close to the heart, So close to the dream.

“The web series dedicated to the Team Young Italy UnipolSai represents a journey that – through stories of the lives, commitments and challenges of these 7 young athletes, including the important preparation for the upcoming Rio Olympics – wishes to explore the deeper meaning of closeness,” stated Alberto Federici, Head of Corporate Communication and 

Media Relations at the Unipol Group. “Closeness to young people and sport, to which we are committed each day in national projects such as UnipolSai’s main sponsorship of CONI (the Italian National Olympic Committee).” 

The Team Young Italy UnipolSai and the dedicated web series, for all relations and management aspects with the 7 athletes involved in the project, rely on the cooperation of DAO Management, which also advises UnipolSai in its partnership with CONI. 

With this project, UnipolSai Assicurazioni reinforces its relationship with sport and the particular attention it has always focused on future generations, recognising the paramount educational potential of sport for personal development and individual and social growth. 

Because for the Unipol Group, thinking of people’s future also means thinking of what they love: sport. 


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