TV and New Media Festival 2015

From 7 to 10 May, the fourth edition of the TV and New Media Festival will be held in Dogliani (CN), for which the Group is main sponsor.   

A national reference point for the debate on issues regarding information and communication, the festival is structured like a workshop for examining and discussing television today and that of the future.

The topic of this edition: Dialogue for the Future, because only through willingness to dialogue and understand the reasons of other people can we imagine progress towards the future.

Over seventy guests have been invited: from Fiorello, who will talk about his career and projects, to Carlo Petrini, who will take a look at food and nutrition as a theme for success. Then, the directors of the main Italian newspapers as well as leading televisions hosts will share their experiences, focusing on major issues: from the fear of a boundless virtual reality to the role of culture as a solid foundation for a future in constant evolution. 

There will be free entry to all events.