Biografilm Festival

The Unipol Group has been a partner of Biografilm since 2012, a partnership that covers the various areas promoted by this unique and innovative cultural initiative.

Biografilm Festival: the international event dedicated to biographical film and life stories;

Biografilm Collection: the innovative film distribution system that brings to Italian cinemas a careful selection of meaningful documentaries, that are effective in outlining new ways to analyse, understand and address the complex dynamics of the contemporary world.

Bio Theatres: the Unipol Group is the sponsor of 3 Bio Theatres in Italy, at the Odeon Cinema in Bologna, the Colosseo Cinema in Milan and the Adriano Cinema in Rome.

With this sponsorship, the Unipol Group once again confirms its wish to participate in the cultural and artistic life of the city of Bologna, where it was established and its headquarters are located, in line with its values and the belief that the economic development of the company should advance while accompanying and supporting the cultural and social growth of the communities it operates in.




16th edition of the Biografilm Festival

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16th edition of the Biografilm Festival

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